A Wave from the Sea

I've been somewhat busy making and shaping cups, bowls, saucers, mugs and a variety of goblets.

As I write this, my kiln is chugging along at 1700 degrees, and in the next day or so I'll be dipping some glazes on these guys.

Now for our latest winner!! I love it when a longtime subscriber wins!! Congrats! I’ll have a new mug for ya shortly!

Stay cozy in the sun and chillin' in the shade ;) Ryan

There is Pottery in the Pottery Porch at Last!

My Pottery Porch studio now has pottery for sale!

You can also see everything I have available here at my shop page.

If anyone would like to come by in person, please call to see if we are home first (902) 964-3121 or email to arrange a visit!

My wife Emily is home most often, and I am home usually early afternoons weekdays and often on weekends.

19795 Rte 2 Hunter River, PEI

The white house right before Hunter River Dental.

*You can also try texting my cell phone (902) 314-6741 but it doesn't really get a signal when I am at home.. so if I don't reply right away, I probably didn't get it... so call the landline)

See you soon! Ryan

Tip a Sip for Kenny

Last month I wrote a little about finding our new home in lovely Hunter River. Although plenty of our things remain as is, in their cardboard box homes, we are slowly settling in. I take a deep breath so as not to let the list of important tasks overwhelm me! We have big plans over here at 19795 Route 2… a basement studio among other highlights. These wait in queue. In the soonest meantime I'll have my wheel in the front porch (Pottery Porch) with a nice display or two. 

Ah, my poor kiln suffered an injury, a broken coil, which isn't so bad considering the bottom of the big beast fell on the driveway between our feet at the end of our move. Needless to say I'm not yet into mud or production just yet!

oh my! Well how about the draw? As always, if you want a chance to win you need only to sign up for my monthly updates.

One of my personal hero's passed away a few days ago. I knew him as my stepdad but he was a lot of things for a lot of people. Truly a kind person- showing up when he's needed, knows who your parents and their parents are, and so very giving. Kenny told stories and sang songs, tickled children and dogs. He was also a great friend to both my parents, even married one of them.

Kenny with his grandson, my boy Jasper.

Kenny with his grandson, my boy Jasper.

This past Christmas he bought a mug for my Mom, just so he could get his one back from her. He’s just that kind of a good guy. He always had a pot of coffee on. So before you watch the video, git a mug ready and have a sip in honour of Kenny Francis Murphy.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised when it comes to draw results! This month's winner, may be well known to many of you out in the world. She’s an artist and potter who makes beautiful and often both cute and funny creations. She has a booth at the Charlottetown Farmer's Market and is a regular at the Victoria Park Potter's Co-op!

Congrats to you dear friend and I'll contact you this week!

Stay Cozy, Ryan

Marvelous March!

In the past two days we've sold our Charlottetown home and have bought a new place in sweet ole' Hunter River! A great little house with a lot of charm that will soon host my new studio space!

I'll also have a shorter commute to work, which means I'll have more time for throwing clay!

Once things are up and running, I'll share some pics. 

Now for our newest monthly draw winner... 

As always, stay cozy! Ryan

Starting 2019 Feeling Grateful!

Happy New Year!

December proved to be quite the busy month and I am pleased to have been able to have finished 2018 with some relaxation with the fam!

I'm rather grateful for all of you pottery lovers who came to support myself and others at the Christmas Fairs & Markets.

Thank You!

I especially enjoyed meeting so many kind folks during the Sunday Farmers Markets.

Thanks to Jackie Whelan https://charlottetownfarmersmarket.com/portfolio/willow-bend-studio/ for facilitating the artists at the Christmas Market this year! I was so glad to take part in this ‘shop local’ extravaganza!

Check out the many beautiful gifts that I was able to trade & buy this year (minus the edible gifts that have long since been enjoyed!)

For access to these gifted artists just click respective photos below and be linked to their personal pages!

Now it's time for our monthly draw winner!!

** Please note that last month's winner hasn't yet responded to my emails and I cannot find her elsewhere online.. so please, if any of you know Roberta Clark, have her contact me to collect her mug! (Also remind her to check her junk folder for my emails!!)

Oh and one last thing! We are selling our lovely house!

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy 2019!

Stay cozy, Ryan