Thank You!

Hello, I just wanted to thank everyone who came out for Farm Day in the City! It was a beautiful day and it was great meeting each of you!

I would also like to announce and request something important!

If you bought from me, please check that your mugs are not leaking. Two of the mugs I sold on Sunday have been reported leaky and I will replace or refund any that might have been compromised.

Just email or call me!!

I am truly sorry. I am quite devastated by this and puzzled. This batch of pottery was made with new clay and new glazes. However, what might be the reason for the cracking, was my exposing them to an abrupt temperature change. Ceramics don’t like extreme temperature changes. I had packed the car the night before the market and it was quite cold.

All of my work is food and dishwasher safe and can handle hot and cold temperatures - just not from one extreme to the other. Gradual is the key.

I am in the process of checking my current inventory and all work in the future will be rigorously checked beforehand from now on.

Again, I am so sorry. And thank you always for your feedback on my work.

I aspire to make quality items that will last for years.

Warmly, Ryan