Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my stoneware in the Dishwasher? Microwave? Stove?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Do you use Island Clay?

No, unfortunately the clay from PEI is not consistent in its capacity to throw reliably. I buy my clay from Tuckers Pottery Supply, based in Ontario.  Most often I use richer tones, so the colour has a red hue, which is very reminiscent of Island clay.

How can I pay for my pottery? 

Cash or email money transfer.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Not usually. Every piece of pottery takes an equal amount of attention, time and energy and because I belong to a potter’s Co-op where the kilns are shared, large orders are not always an easy feat.  

Can I custom order?

Sorry, not at this time. That said, you are free to contact me and request specific glazes for items I'm currently working on. Please subscribe to my email updates - and you'll be in the know of what's fresh from the kiln, ready for glazing or just added to the shop.

Why is Pottery so great?

Pottery is great for a number of reasons. It's hand made, one-of-a kind, functional art. It's great for holding temperature - hot things stay hot and cold things stay cold. For these, and many other reasons, it has a living quality.